The SportsAge ID system is designed to automate and improve the age certification process for youth and amateur sports. Our experience has allowed us to develop “best practices” knowledge about age certification. We are able to explain and implement those “best practices” with each organization to ensure an effective and efficient process.

We offer several products to help your organization.


This is for the parents to register their child with SportsAge ID. This service was created by SportsAge ID to certify your athlete’s age through their proprietary process. Upon certification, your SportsAge ID number will be good for your athlete’s entire sporting career. Your league has mandated this service to protect the youth athlete, eliminate age fraud, protect identities, and decrease man hours by the volunteers.

Contact SportsAge ID for a customized program for your organization.

This is for the coaches to register their team (club/travel/all-star) roster. Each player must be certified by SportsAge ID before the coach can complete this registration process. This product eliminates the team notebook of birth certificates, home address, parent/guardian information, utility bills, and report cards. Eliminating the notebook protects identities and information of the parents and players. The coach will have unlimited access to adjust their roster for each sporting event throughout the season.

Contact SportsAge ID for a customized program for your organization.

Each player will be required to submit an updated photo every year. SportsAge ID will update your SportsAge ID profile.

Contact SportsAge ID for a customized program for your organization.

News & Info

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Little League pitcher Danny Almonte is no longer perfect -- because he's no longer 12.

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The Calabarzon baseball team that allegedly faked the age of its two players in the elementary boys’ division...

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