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SportsAge ID offers a innovative and efficient solution to some of the most widespread challenges facing youth sports today- Age fraud, Name Fraud, and Identity theft.

SportsAge ID sets the youth sports industry standard for age certification. Specifically, we designed our proprietary age certification system to prevent and deter age-fraud in youth sports.

SportsAge ID is an online secure service to certify an athletes correct birth age. The parent registers their athlete/participant online with SportsAge ID. SportsAge ID certifies the athlete’s correct age and provides each certified athlete with a SportsAge ID identification number. The SportsAge ID identification number will be presented at tournaments and leagues assuring that your child is their true “sports-age”. A parent will not ever have to show a birth certificate or worry about their child’s information being stolen. Simple, efficient and secure!

Parents will know that their son or daughter’s birth certificate or vital information is not being exposed to the public. SportsAge ID feels strongly about eliminating the “notebook of info” that travel teams carry to each event. Fact: Identity theft is occurring at an alarming rate and youth’s identities are being exploited before a child turns 18 years of age.

SportsAge provides a service which makes sports registration more efficient for parents and league volunteers. Parents can register their child on a secure website from the convenience of their home computer. All vital data is protected.

Parents can have confidence their young athlete is competing against same age opponents (competitive equality).

The ability to confirm that an athlete is the correct eligible age ultimately leads to a safer sports environment and competitive equality. SportsAge ID is a paperless system. Eligibility notebooks containing copies of vital information (birth certificate, utility bill, and report card) are no longer required. Parents submitting copies of their athlete’s birth certificate to local and regional sports associations will no longer be required. Ultimately, SportsAge ID system is about protecting your youth athlete on the field and your child’s identity off the field.

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Little League pitcher Danny Almonte is no longer perfect -- because he's no longer 12.

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