the leader in secure electronic age certification for youth sports. Specifically, we designed our SportsAge ID proprietary age certification system to prevent and deter age fraud in youth sports.

SportsAge ID offers an innovative and efficient solution to several widespread challenges facing youth sports today - age fraud, name fraud, false birth certificates and Identity theft.

The SportsAge ID secure age certification process is electronic and paperless. SportsAge ID electronically confirms that an athlete is the correct eligible age. Birth certificates are not required because the certification process is electronic. Thus, eliminating false and fraudulent birth documents.

Our user-friendly system can enhance the experience for the parents, coaches, and volunteers by eliminating the many hassles associated with verifying paper birth certificates. We save you time, limit your liability of storing the birth certificates physically or digitally, and create competitive equality.

SportsAge ID offers other features that can be integrated into the secure age certification program such as verified team rosters and database management for league administrators.

SportsAge, ID was developed to create a safer sports environment, protect your child’s identity and maintain the integrity of youth sports.

SportsAge ID is bringing convenient age certification into the electronic age for youth sports organizations.

SportsAge ID

News & Info

Almonte's team forfeits LLWS victories

Little League pitcher Danny Almonte is no longer perfect -- because he's no longer 12.

Overage players face sanction
The Calabarzon baseball team that allegedly faked the age of its two players in the elementary boys’ division...

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